The Scream || Self rp that someone should reply to because Darcy’s hurt.

Darcy shut her laptop as she felt anger overcome her. She knew she’d offended Declan with her almost obsessive posting of Taylor Lautner pictures, but why didn’t he understand? It was only a crush. Darcy loved Declan.

The anger began to be too much as she felt her fists fly forward and through a picture frame. Chips of glass stuck into her skin as blood dripped out. Darcy had never bled before. Darcy was both fascinated and infuriated by the sight of her blood running down her arm. Before long, the anger overcame the two and Darcy opened er mouth. A demon like shriek stabbed out of her mouth, instantly shattering the windows of her apartment. 

Darcy couldn’t stop the noise as she felt herself fly to the floor, her skull cracking and bleeding onto the floor. Her hands swatted for her phone and called 911. The operator couldn’t help her, they probably went deaf at the sound of her voice; the pitch was so loud and high that it was almost silent. 

Darcy’s body writhed on the floor as the ceiling panes shook. Darcy was trapped by her own ability.